from the vault: raymond carver

Posted on Thu, Nov 28, 2019

december Vol. 9.2/3 — 1967

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Sunday Night

Make use of the things around you.
This light rain
Outside the window, for one,
This cigarette between my fingers,
These feet on the couch.
The faint sound of rock-and-roll,
The red Ferrari in my head.
The woman bumping
Drunkenly around in the kitchen…
Put it all in,
Make use.


december has a distinguished legacy of publishing the early work of little-known writers and artists, many of whom became major literary figures, including Raymond Carver.  december introduced Raymond Carver to the world in 1963’s Vol. 5 with “The Furious Seasons” his first story ever published (outside of his school’s litmag). Carver made four more appearances in december: “Will You Please Be Quiet, Please” appeared in Vol. 8 in 1966 (was reprinted the following year in Best American Short Stories and became the title story of his first collection, published in 1976). Three poems by Carver appeared in Vol. 9 in 1967. His story “The Father” appeared in Vol. 10 in 1968, and “A Night Out” appeared in Vol. 12 in 1970.  We celebrate Raymond Carver and all his accomplishments.