volume 26.2

Posted on Fri, Oct 30, 2015




José Angel Araguz The Story of Canary and Story of the Waves Toni La Ree Bennett Valentine’s Day Roy Bentley And the World All Leaves and Morning Air Ashley-Elizabeth Best Stones and Their Stories Mary Lenoir Bond Villain Villanelle and “Scrumpy Cider Purple Heart Sanctuary,” Susan Bruce Everything You Ever Learned Exists As A Do-Over Josephine Cariño Postlude Grace Cavalieri Athena Josh Corson Run Lane Falcon Breatharian Manifesto Jeff Friedman Let the Old Man Go, Burial, and Marksman Quinton Hallett Dear Stranger Jeff Hamilton Empathy Karen Holman Ibbur SYZYGY, Eclipse, What I Would Teach My Daughter, and Gardens of Z Sonja James Sex Trafficking E.M. Janik Borders Greg Jensen Help for the Helpless and How Long a Fire Jesse Lee Kercheval Sabbatical Judith Kunst Tenth Anniversary: Tin Kristina Moriconi Parting Lessons and Travel Plans Robert Nazarene Floating Along Upon the Embarrass River on a Hand-Hewn Bauhaus Bench, Gliding…Upstream Robert Peake Delusion, California and Early Shift Marge Piercy Does the floor really need washing? and Hannah tells me stories Sam Roxas-Chua Papel John Walser In the Cells of San Marco, Chronoscope 41: This First Fall Storm, Chronoscope 3: Why Bother Waiting, and Hephaestos Under Drunk Moonlight Harold Whit Williams Let Them Have Dominion and Birth of the Cool John Sibley Williams One Studies What’s There, Altar, and The Small Story of Us Andrew Levi Wood Milk Moon, Ghosts, and The Necanicum River


 Michael Bourne Stories Are Like Water David Englander Man in the Woods Emily Goldman Face Keith Lesmeister Wild Asparagus Lily Iona MacKenzie Biting Through Jeannine Ouellette Tumbleweeds Luke Whisnant Instant Ancestors 


 Dorian Fox Notes from Underground Jerry Harp Robert Jaclyn Moyer At Sea Wilfredo Pascual You Have Me Mike Smith My Magpie Mind


 Michale Ashkin Constructions and Industrial Paintings Isabel Barbuzza Abrazame Carol Jackson On My Way Home


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