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Posted on Fri, May 18, 2018

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Emma Bolden Puberatum, Melancholy Between Bodies, and House Provides Some Answers B.J. Buckley Come out of The Rain and Dangerous, These Small Hours Shuly Xóchitl Cawood On Sundays and Grand Theft Charlotte Covey What You Whisper and Self-Portrait Jaydn DeWald Evening Sketch: After Jack Gilbert (3), [a minor earthquake rattling pills & teacups…] and The Hammock Brian Dunlap Those Who Come Before Us Laurel Feigenbaum Transition Charles Gillispie Born Lonely to Touch Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor La Parcelera Jonathan Greenhause Goosenecks Karen E. Holman Little Encyclopedia of Knowledge and Biopoiesis Josh Lefkowitz When the Lobster Grows and An Ostrich Approach Kay Lin claustrophobia Elisabeth Murawski Amiens Reyes Ramirez Eddie Guerrero Enters A Ring Holding the World Championship Geoff Rips Day of the Dead Sam Roxas-Chua Yao Turning of the Wrist, A Remedy for the Descending Octave, The Soft Beak of Triangles, Soot, and Peace Told Me to Plant A Crucifix F. Daniel Rzicznek If You Insure the Left Side of Your Body and Vision Recited by A Dead Minnow That Fell From My Shirt Jess Williard In Which the Field Is A Monument and Following


Scott Gloden Kingdom, Phylum, Family James Hartman Bounce Julia Elizabeth Hogan  What We Bury, What We Keep  Nathan Machart The Best You Can Hope For Jen Logan Meyer House of Women A. Molotkov Fear Patricia Sammon Hill Country Sophie Stein Something Else


Nastasya Popov Luca Carol Roh Spaulding Autistry: Autism and The Practice of Self  Margo Steines The Girl Jodie Noel Vinson Mother Russia


Bodies of Words Stories on Skin CK Wilde Alternating Currency

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