volume 33.2 Digital Issue (Digital Only)

Posted on Thu, Dec 8, 2022

Vol. 33.2 Digital Mockup


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Joanne Allred Hard & Vagabond Winter David Axelrod To the Angel of Forgetting, Senescence, & People Rember Gwen Thibodeau Nancy Botkin Icelandic Mary Crow Hair-Line & Echo Kim Ports Parsons May the Particles of My Body Travel the Endless Conduits Ricardo Pau-LLosa Marsyas & Fleeing Actium Dan Rosenberg Dear Thunder & Other People John Schneider Sanctuary & Open Door Steven Schreiner Mother In the Afterlife, Suddenly You Were Gone, & The World turns the Days of Our Lives Heidi Seaborn Aubade Before A Blue Moon, Weaving A Narrative, & Two Years After the Getty Fire in LA, Twenty After We Moved Away Mark Smith-Soto The House on the Corner Carole Stone Train to Nowhere Florence Weinberger Unraveling Darkness, Rough Cleansing, & Birthday Poem, January 2020 John Sibley Williams Sky Burial & Exoskeleton Erin Wilson Temerence Valley & This Moment Is Not For Sale


Quinn Adikes It Wasn’t His Fault Garnett Kilberg Cohen Slow Dance Miriam Marguerite Gallou Goodnight, Irene Bruce Kilstein The Dangerous Bondraa A.C. Koch Cottonwoods Jenna-Marie Warnecke Little Victories


Jacob Aiello Tahoe Anjanette Delgado Of Cats and Men Jiadai Lin In the Blue House Neha Potalia Visiting House Gisselle Yepes On Her Waters Summoning Us to Drown


Joy Curtis Skeleton Woman Basil Kincaid River, Frog, and Crescent Moon


Sherry Shahan Various Photographs

cover art

JJ Manford