volume 24

Posted on Mon, Sep 21, 2015



Revival issue. Winter 2013


Jack Anderson Voluptuaries of an Eclipse Annette Basalyga Grandmother Poem and Out of Place Amy Beeder Cairns, Nonce for the Gizzard, and Three Meals (Aesop) Marvin Bell What Is Poetry?, The Book of the Dead Man (The Angel of Apocalypse), The Book of the Dead Man (Uprising), Gone, and After a Line by Dawn Robinson Stephen Berg Dog Shit I and On the Court Douglas Blazek Mother Grace Cavalieri Beyond Its Possibilities and The Horses Before They Start Kelly Cherry The Horsehead Nebula and Atomism Jaydn Dewald Nachträglichkeit (or, Landscape with Adventurers) and Fermata: A Landscape Albert Goldbarth His Creatures H.L. Hix I move through space as others move, am moved by them. Karen Holman Italics, After Psalm, Inland Soul, and What Is a Friend to Do?  Lawson Fusao Inada At it Again Jesse Lee Kercheval Seven Sleepless Hours Michael Lally Before You Were Born David Lunde I Do Not Need them Now, the Beasts Robert Mezey The Odyssey, Book XXIII William Minor My Fingers Refuse to Sleep Roger Mitchell Bag Lady Jeanne Morel Failure to Turn Off, Smoke and Perfume, and Creed G.E. Murray From Bainbridge Island Diary Robert Nazarene Equine and Tick Leonard Neufeldt Walking The Harbor and Hymnal With Pressed Flowers Linda Pastan Body Language, Oktoberfest, and Snowstorm Ricardo Pau-Llosa Healer Man and Patmos Man Brandon Pettit Snow Term and Bluff  Marge Piercy Even if we try not to let go, The wolf moon, and What the note almost says David Ray Desolations and Wallace Stevens Walking Dawn Robinson None But The Libraries Mourn You and Components Of Prayer Vern Rutsala The Old Dance Ralph Salisbury We Say and Two Unsought Revelations Edoardo Sanguineti Il corpo morto / This Dead Body, Infermo inferno / Unhealthy Hell, and Translated by Robert Hahn and Michela Martini Dennis Schmitz Sin, My Eden, and Chateau d’If  Peter Sears The Problem With Being a Pallbearer in This City Under Siege M.E. Silverman Yellow Warren Slesinger Memory James Tolan My Father. Vietnam. Lewis Turco The Cathedral Sally Van Doren Implausible, Progress, and Magician Robley Wilson Renewal


Michael Fedo At the Stairway to Heaven Elder Care Center Gary Gildner Guacamole Sean Padraic McCarthy In Another Time Marge Piercy The Shrine Faye Reddecliff Birdsong Abby Ryder-Huth Half of Pleasure Inda Schaenen If War It Was Terese Svoboda Silent Night Nance Van Winckel The End Of Our Friends As We Know Them


Jay Duret Riding Sidecar Gary Fincke During the Biology Year Sherri Hoffman Seemingly Unrelated Events


DB Dowd Cover Illustration Frank Magnotta Drawings Peter Gourfain Prints

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