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Dehlia Ackley Family As . . . Jeffrey Alfier Sabbath Crow Peggy Aylsworth As In The Sound Of Words and As Walls Come Down Tanya Bomsta Cartography Kerry Carnahan To A Soldier and Roland’s Mother Bakes Tobi Cogswell Winter League, Rachel On The Morning Of What Would Have Been Her Tenth Anniversary Christopher Cokinos The Difficult Crossing Kallie Falandays Hearing Crying In Houses Is Normal John Fitzgerald Smoke & Stone Grant An Interview Jonathan Greenhause The Future-Without-Me, 12 12 12, A Ballroom, Without The Dancers, and All Of Our Different Selves Michael S. Harper Favella: Rio On The Run! Trust In Homestead Improvised! (Together) Jen Karetnick Brief Sonnet On Collecting Deviled Egg Plates and Recipe For Mithridatism Susanna Lang Flood Stage Jeanne Morel Night Sweats Larissa Nash Lily, Trapped In Limbo and I Am Wolf Paul Nelson Love’s Accident and Smolder Richard King Perkins II Fencepost Of Salvation Frederick Pollack A Poet Of My Youth and The Lamp Bearers Dawn Robinson An Artist’s Childhood, War, and Treasure Tim Suermondt Woman Near A Lantern Ira Sukrungruang The Physics Of Lamentation and Someone Told Me We All Die Harold Whit Williams Day After Christmas Blues Poem and Time Out


Ron Austin Freezer Burn William Cass Nazca Lines Mike Ingram The Ruling Classes Craig O’Hara New World Record


Tabitha Blankenbiller Sudden Dust Karen Holman Vanishing Act


Béatrice Coron Cover Art Christine Hiebert Works On Paper Maria Porges Drawings

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