volume 25.2

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Michael Anania Tin Tin Deo Laurie Blauner What’s Mine is All Mine and It Really Shouldn’t Hurt Emily Bobo Want David Clewell Since So Many People Don’t Seem to Know What No Soliciting Mean, I Tried to Spell It Out More Fully On My Front Door Hannah Cohen Filter Jaydn Dewald Intermezzo: A Marriage and In Space Things Touch. In Time Things Part Elton Glaser Seasoning Michael Harper Natal Assignments of the Zodiac: March 18th 2014 Karen Holman  Sutures, Meteor Shower, And Yet…, Zenaida, and Shimmering Emily Leider Against Absolutes and Song of the Groupie Rapunzel Moria Linehan Memorial Colleen J McElroy For the Want of a Shoe Jeanne Morel Maybe for Now, December 23rd and Ice Cubes from a Lobby Vending Machine Abby Murray The Age of Strays and A Portable Wife Bekk Olson Mississippi Valley, February Classifieds, Blackout, and It’s You or Minneapolis Marge Piercy The karma of heredity, That was Cobb Farm, and Chance is so particular Catherine Rankovic Tourist Trap #1 Wisconsin Dells F. Daniel Rzicznek Stones Around My Neck and 0° David Salner Ghost-Town Scavengers Gary Thompson Q-Codes and Two Churches Buff Whitman-Bradley Skinned Knees, Broken Hearts Sarah Ann Winn I consider Whether Shipping Your Memory Home Would Be too Costly, From the Scaffold, and Breadcrumbs for Giants


Anna Boorstin Paper Lantern Scott Ditzler Dealers Sean Padraic McCarthy Better Man Hadley Moore Last Things Doug Ramspeck Folklore Lynn Stegner Twins


Marvin Bell and Christopher Merrill After the Fact: Scripts and Postscripts Gary Belsky Cab Share With an Infidel David Hamilton Gleaning the Thicket, Thicketing the Glen Julia Shipley Box Stories


Julie Green Excerpts from The Last Supper — Final Meals of U.S. Death Row Inmates Ebony G. Patterson Cover Art Allyson Strafella drawings 

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