volume 27.1

Posted on Thu, May 5, 2016





Dehlia Ackley Mister Instructional Video and The Swimmers José Angel Araguz Cazar Means to Hunt Not to Marry Jennifer Atkinson Devil’s Paintbrush Debbie Benson Uchi Vallai Kierstin Bridger Preparing to Sink Christopher Cokinos The Letter Q With an Arrow Running Through It Judith Crispin Light Trails of Henry Jackamarra Cook and Levi’s Daughters Christopher Davis Shell Island and Graphic Material Jim Dwyer Enlightenment Jeff Ewing Home Sick and On the Death, by Trampling, of a Man in Modoc County Allison Funk Moll and Untitled Albert Goldbarth The Persistence of Memory, Moon, Mångata, Jesse is back this summer, and The Law of the Universe Kate Gray Reassurance and For Every Girl Tova Green March Storm at Abbots Lagoon John Gosslee Alphabet of Fire and The Beach is a Ringing Bell Jerry Harp The Other and Two Books She Daisy Kincaid Ghazal for the Poor Kids Emily Leider Amphibian  and Interdict John McCarthy What I Mean When I Say I Don’t Box Anymore Kevin McLellan Concerning the Storm and After Ben Moeller-Gaa after Green Knees and after Whitebird Jeanne Morel Jackpot and The Brooklyn Bridge Eric Pankey Speculation on Melancholia, Speculation on Invisibility, and Intelligence M.H. Perry Cardamom, Osprey, Banff, Us Natania Rosenfeld Barn Paintings and Moving Houses Marjorie Stelmach Late October: Walking the Commons and Lack Sally Van Doren Every There 3 and Incentive David Wagoner Because and Being a Poet Cocoa M. Williams Leda on a Stoop in St. Bernard Projects (1974)


Ben Brooks Running Fast Running Free Paul Byall Henry’s Ghosts Stuart Freyer The Jacket Jen Logan Meyer Anniversaries Adam Schwartz Pavane for a Dead Princess


Kendra Allen When You Learn the Alphabet David McGlynn In the Tank  Linda Pozzuoli Merica Paradise?  Leigh Camacho Rourks How Fragile the Land


Etel Adnan Incentive Heather Bennett  Anniversary (B&D) Elizabeth Bishop Devil’s Paintbrush Eva Lundsager Every There 3 Chantal Joffe Moll and Untitled Libby Reuter & Joshua D. Rowan Green Knees and White Bird

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