volume 27.2

Posted on Wed, Nov 9, 2016





Susanne Paola Antonetta Along the Freeway: An Ocean of Moon Rebecca Baggett I Miss You in the Mountains Jeannette Barnes Alba Monica Berlin That near relic on the wall, its small John Brehm Poem and Nebraska Laura Cesarco Eglin (translated by Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval) Soltar Para Converger/Letting Go To Meet Again Sarah Getchell Ghost House and Poem for a Person I’d Been in Love with for a Long Time but Never Told Kim Hannah Report and Cracks Rachel Heimowitz Across the Water Marilyn Krysl Villanelle with Violin and Blazon: Be Advised Katharyn Howd Machan Learning to Lie, The Nice Girl and What He Meant, the Miller Kevin Matz One Hot F’ing Summer Leslie McGrath Gift and Gifted Leslie Adrienne Miller Green Boots Travis Mossotti Maya Angelou in Yoga Pants Dawn Robinson Imagine, Do You Know Someone Who Burns Too Brightly?, What Jewel Would You Cast into the Sea?, Snowman, They Call Me the Worst One, A Love Letter, Bring the Truth, I Was a Handful, Legacy, and These Conflicts Are What Made Us David Anthony Sam Psalms in Pieces Sue William Silverman If the Girl is a Country-Western Song


Jacob Aiello Raymond Carver’s Grave Thomas Atkinson Grace in the Embers Maura Pellettieri Whale Eric Roe Six to Twelve Keith Rosson Dunsmuir David Salner Sandhog


Laurie Blauner Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Tanya Bomsta Burn Kristen Carbone Facebook Lists I Didn’t Post Mary Collins The Passenger Seat Deborah Thompson Hip Bone Connected To 


Fiona Banner The Bastard Word “Vanity” Diana Guerrero-Maciá Siblings of the Sun

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