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Posted on Fri, Oct 27, 2017

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Lindsay Remee Ahl Dream of the Mythographic Abyss, Slow, Slow, Each Letter, Where and New Abysses Open to Yet Other Abysses Sarah Anderson Caution and Sweet Gum Seed Pods Emily Bobo Postcards from Faerie Land and What the Bones Said Lauren Camp Whether, Silver City and Five Days of a Day and a Night Kelly Cherry Stalingrad, November 1942 James Crews The Unadorned Here and Now Tyler Erlendson Fadi, In Moonlight David Hamilton Rolling, Rolling and  Diminuendo Susanna Lang Unnamed Road and Votive Robert Lowes Replay Fergus McAlister Goodman Brown Daniel Edward Moore Eschatology and Some Thoughts on Heaven After a Violent Storm Jeanne Morel Map Eric Pankey Cold Mountain, To Place a Grid over the Debris Field and First Time Caller Long Time Listener Ricardo Pau-Llosa Little Ones Thomas A. Pepperz education in north korea, kim jong-il loses his shoes, kim jong-il plays a round of golf, and but joy cometh in the morning Nancy Powers Pritchard Turning Point Mary Quade Roses: Cayambe, Ecuador Judity Roitman Dragon Hunt and Small Things Patty Seyburn  As for this whole matter of happiness Scott Sherman Knuckles and Electronic Crucifixes Bruce Van Noy My Father, Central Oregon, The High Desert and A Field Near Athens Robert Vivian Dove-Like Jeff Whitney  Remembering Albert Hoffmann 


 Zeeva Bukai The Abandoning Vincent Czyz Cele Kula Andra Emilia Fenton The Saints Michael McGuire  La Fachada  Steve Mitchell Devastation Tour Seth Brady Tucker Winged


H’Rina DeTroy  The Vengeance of Elephants  Marcia Douglas I Say All This to Say That: Where Words Come From Stephanie Vessely Sometimes We Choose  Deenah Vollmer Owning Hearst Castle

graphic fiction

Nick St. John Sre Ambel, Koh Chang and Trim 


Shona Macdonald Sky On Ground John David O’Brien Accidental Orientalist — AO Series


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