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Posted on Mon, Jun 21, 2021

32.1 Mag Stack



Mary Ardery Portrait of My Grandfather On Rewind Joshua Boettiger Voyeurs Tianna Bratcher A List of People Who Did Not Kill Me Grace Cavalieri Haiku for the Turn of the Year Elena Croitoru Tower Block Twelve Dana Curtis Doppelgänger and Radio Chthonia Chloé Firetto-Toomey Canoe Trip on the Tatum Waterway Michael Frazier Mother & Son  as Oyakodon II Kenneth Jakubas Acute Unit Blues and Playing with Children’s Toys Casey Knott Come July, Breath of Fire, and My Son Plays War Naomi Ling Abecedarian on Hunger Sara Mae Garter Snake, That Cherry Glazerr Song Playing When the Streets Are Quiet, and Below, please define what intimacy looks like for you Chloe Martinez True Story Alan May Skeleton, Ship of the Air, and O Derelict Days in that Derelict Town Kenneth J. Pruitt Lament (to a Bowhead Whale) Mira Rosenthal Labor and Ancient History Saudamini Siegrist Cicadas Taylor Strickland Theneva at Culross SM Stubbs Asylum Schedule and Asylum Sunday Myles Taylor For Fathers and Meditation on Control Isabelle Walker My Mother’s House Alyson Gold Weinberg Back to the Body Kelleen Zubick Also Be Lost 


Jeremy Griffin Reunion Greg Johnson State of Grace Candice May You’re Just Like Me


Gary Fincke Telephone Ainsley McWha Life Cycles Ryan Moser Injuries Incompatible with Life Emily Marie Seibert Domestic Animals Cindy Skaggs The Lucky Ones


Susana Moyaho & Andrea Tejeda The Unperson Project Sally Van Doren Anagrams

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