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Posted on Thu, Aug 18, 2022

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Sean Cho A. Every March P. Hodges Adams Pupil Paralyzed Jennifer Atkinson Night Vision & Night Forms Jessica Barksdale Going Without & Poets Against Dementia Brenda Beardsley Where the Redness Lives John Blair Aphorism 32: Let Us Sculpt in Hopeless Silence All Our Dreams of Speaking, Aphorism 33: Love is Like a Lily Lifted High and White, & Aphorism 34: We are Times’s Subjects and Time Bids Be Gone Evana Bodiker Midsummer & Wanda in the Bar

Lisa Cantwell ravel Christian J. Collier Aubade in a Time of Stillness Sally Lipton Derringer Damage Daniel Donaghy Heat Wave, Philadelphia, 1983 & Pretzels for the Ball Game Dagne Forrest Two Variations on a Poem Ending with a Line by Marvin Bell in Response to His Work Rebecca Foust Spanish Web Ariel Friedman I’d Never Heard of a Cello & Look up, Karen Holman My Life As a Flea, Tetherfumes, & The Girl in My Dream Asked for a Heron Romana Iorga Memento Mori with Poet and Ghost Judy Kaber First Ice & The Delicious Singing Susanna Lang It Rains in My Heart & Il pleure dans mon coeur by Paul Verlaine, Translated by Susanna Lang Jim McGarrah Christmas Day, 2020 & Every Street Goes Both Ways Melissa McKinstry Watering the Houseplants During Covid, 1. About the Mother of All Time and Children, 2. More About the Mother of All Time and Children, & This is April Karen McPherson On the Loss of a Friend & Surely the Shore Linda Michel-Cassidy Perhaps It Was Just the Endorphins & Everything that Isn’t the Shark Michael Montlack Post Break-Up Saudade & Who Taught Casanova How to Flirt? Kristina Moriconi For Both Father and Frida Barbara Mossberg In Which I Consider Myself an Old Woman Alicia Rebecca Myers The Vine David Oates To Live Like This Lizzy Peterson Historic Heber Springs & All of Cleburne County Facebook Group, October 2, 2016, Heber Springs & All of Cleburne County Facebook Group, February 13, 2019 & Hate Parts David Anthony Sam Eclipse Unseen & For Bill Shuter (Last Attempt) Sarah Sousa Oral Presentation Paula Stacey I’m Sorry I Let Them Let You Die Richard Stimac In Memoria Anne Dyer Stuart In the Squeak, Deep Winter, & Snow Child Shelly Reed Thieman One of the Psalms & The God I Worship Alden Wallace We Used to Look Up John Sibley Williams Pantoum for What Remains From Minidoka Ariana Yeatts-Lonske Papa Explains Why He Didn’t Go to the Vietnam Sit-in the Night They Dragged His Friends to Montgomery County Jail


Annelise Hatjakes Backscatter Michelle C. McAdams Safety and Other Impossibilities John Paul Scotto Gifts From God Timothy Wojcik Deirdre and the Girls


Kierstin Bridger My Gramonster: A Love Story Jennifer Dupree (Re)create Erin Langner The Time Machine Mark Liebenow The Wren and Banda Aceh Clancy Tripp Fifty Last Dates


David Humphrey Drawings


Robert Lowes Haiku Society: An Interview with Ben Gaa

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