volume 34.1 Digital Issue (Digital Only)

Posted on Mon, May 8, 2023

Vol. 34.1 Digital Mockup


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Ariel N. Banayan Exhibitions From the Big Blue Bus & Love Letter Written on Water Tina Isom Carey Blackberries Chris Hasara Has Been & If I Sing Patrick Martin Holian A Vanity Project, The Cave, & Deception K Janeschek The Year the Lynx Starved & Ash Falls from the Windowsill B. Fulton Jennes When Stevie Amond Killed That Little Kid Kathleen Kirk Stone Fruit, Weekday Couplets, What I Sometimes Hear, & Je Suis Fatigué Halee Kirkwood Every Creation Story Begins with the Flood, Hysteria, & What I Meant to Say About Water Anna Leahy A Geometry of Surface and Space Flavian Mark Lupinetti Doctor Ruiz Didn’t Quit His Job Today Tom Mcfadden The Hunting Trip Fleming Meeks Elegy & Two Weeks Below Zero Nnadi Samuel Praise for the Inner Lining of my Morphing Appare(l), & There is a Gnawing Need for Sugar John Walser Because Dandelions, Anticipation, & Barolo Saturday Night Anna Zumbahlen Blur/cloud, Laying It Out, & Over-Spring


Ryan Byrnes Ordinary Time Emily Clemente Alaskan Fold Song Alex Streiff Passerine Gerry Wilson Life Line Kiera Emiko Wolfe The Vandal Sarah Young The Lighthouse at the End of the World


Christopher Eckman All the While Max Hunt An Incomplete Record of Caticorn Mythology Jesse Lee Kercheval On Calendars Sarah Alexandra Leslie Trees In Winter

art — a show of hands

Polly Apfelbaum, ektor garcia, Flynn Larsen, Micah Lexier, Catherine Murphy, Shirin Neshat, Vicente Telles, & Frankie Toan

cover art

Chloe West Relic (Broken Bone) & Relic (Thorns)