current issue // 30.2

Cover Art by Vicente Hernández –
Mi PC (My PC) — 2011


Emma Ginader Traveling Back Albert Goldbarth Our Place, These Risings Up. These Appearances. & Betweenish David Hamilton At Sea & Stonehenge Allissa Hertz Normal Poem & Normal Poem Michael Hurley Things She Said and Where & Daymoon Jen Karetnick When Judge Judy Calls Your Outfit a Queen Esther Costume Abbie Kiefer Getting Groceries & Revitalization Project: St. Mary’s Athena Kildegaard Prairie Daughter (1852), Prairie Daughter (1892), Prairie Daughter (1917), Prairie Daughter (1945), & Prairie Daughter (2001) Bruce Lowry Boyhood, Louisiana & Notes on Progress Christopher Merrill Three Recordings Jeanne Morel I want to wear hematite and strike out across the empty plain & The World’s Breaking Up Spot Shannon Place Mirror Images & The Sticks Susan Rich Binocular Vision & Goldfinch David Salner Dust and Smoke & Playground with a Chain-Link Fence Heidi Seaborn I’m in Conversation with the Sea & Dia De Los Muertos Leona Sevick Land of the Lotus Eaters, Pilgrim, Elegy for Farmer Pak & Big Pipe Creek Marcela Sulak as we settle into our lives like beasts in their ample stalls & Reading Nemcova Bozena’s The Grandmother in translation Steven Walker Incheon Constant L. Williams Taking Fields John Sibley Williams A Jar to Keep the Earth in & The Tumult of Beginnings


Andrea Eberly The Land Behind the Fog TN Eyer The Augmentation Dilemma Jeff Hoffman Full Tang Kathleen Hull A Year in the World Lee L. Krecklow Eyes and Stomachs and Hearts Jeremy John Parker I Will Not Be Requiring the Services of a Sherpa Shirley Sullivan On A Distant Bank


Gary Fincke Weekend Samantha Rogers The One Who Didn’t Stay Sylvia Sukop Pictures on the Heart: An Elegy for the Family Album Sarah Treschl Gumball Electric


Jane Birdsall-Lander Dictionary Poem Project, Edition II Erik Den Breejen Playlist

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