2020 pushcart nominations

Posted on Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Here at december, we are grateful for all our contributors. One way we show that gratitude is by nominating our contributors for prizes and by sending our journals off to all the contests we can. Pushcart is one of those contests. When the time comes it’s never easy to select our Pushcart nominations because we love everything we print. After much deliberation between our advisory editors and staff we’ve chosen our nominees for 2020. Major congratulations to these writers and major thanks to everyone who is part of the december community.

You Enter Milk Run — Jennifer Atkinson – Vol. 30.1 (Poetry)
The Land Behind the Fog — Andrea Eberly – Vol. 30.2 (Fiction)
Re-Wind  — J.I. Kleinberg – Vol. 30.1 (Poetry)
Three Recordings — Christopher Merrill – Vol. 30.2  (Poetry)
I Will Not Be Requiring the Services of a Sherpa  — Jeremy John Parker – Vol. 30.2 (Fiction)
Gumball Electric  — Sarah Treschl – Vol. 30.2 (Nonfiction)