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Jeffrey C. Alfier Harvests, A Map of Vaughn, New Mexico, and A Little Peace in Yermo Julie Babcock Five Poems from Rules for Rearrangement Ezra F. Baeli-Wang Bracing Marvin Bell  The Book of the Dead Man (If & When) and The Book of the Dead Man (Joyous Dead Man) Candace Black Hill Town in Provence and Morandi: Still Life Franny Choi Pastoral Poem Emily Rose Cole The night before my diagnosis is confirmed Carol V. Davis December, Russia Sally Lipton Derringer That Year Rachel E. Diken Clusterlove XX. and Clusterlove XXX. Daniel Donaghy Pat McCarthy’s Quick Hands and The Nun and the Roaches Teri Elam Counterpoint Bryce Emley Another Set of Histories Marcene Gandolfo Cleave, Recovery, and Exit Anna Geisler Citadel and I Like to Steal Elton Glaser Elaborations of the Breath Albert Goldbarth The Three, Unstoppable, and Interiors Maximilian Heinegg Throw the Light Karen Ellen Holman Scrape, Lime, Bleach, Salt, Rinse, Pickle, Descicate, Solstices, and Thinking about James Wright After We Make Love on New Year’s Day  Kathleen McGookey February Thaw Jeanne Morel A Poem for the Lost Hour and Energy Unraveling Energy Elizabeth O’Brien Jealousy’s the Stuff, Mondo, and The Excuse I Gave For Leaving Marge Piercy Between, Neither Sleeping Nor Awake and Chicago One Summer Marisol Ramirez 3 A.M. Steven Schreiner Still Life, Sideswiped, and Sister Shane Seely Outside Her Bedroom Window She Hears Birds and The Lost Dog Eleanor Stanford Nine-Banded Armadillo (Dacypsus Novemcintus) and Late Fall Kelly Terwilliger Wet Horses Mark Wagenaar Scatter Jane O. Wayne The Setbacks and Running Late Florence Weinberger A Planet Balanced by Including Some Reasonable Chaos John Sibley Williams Gross Anatomies, Shut In, After-Bruise, and (Fear of) Touching Too Soon


Robert Earle The Only Thing Good About Getting Older Katharine Haake Diptych: Lead, Goats Sandra Hunter Fishers of Men Leslie Johnson I Run Into You  Ryan Krull True Believer Nate Pritts The Gods, A Rabbit, A Question, and Those Who Are Unborn Kiley Reid Parent Night at Confidence Academy K.J. Stevens Our Last Day


Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello Nocturne: Year of the Snake Rebecca Hazelwood Without Artifice 


Calida Garcia Rawles Behind the Veil Nick St. John Pushkar, Day 10 Sam Roxas-Chua Yao, Derek Beaulieu, and Nico Vassilakis Reading the Unreadable — Text Without Syntax

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