current issue // 29.2

Cover Art by Ed Ruscha


Alice Ashe What the Wildflowers Get Sylvia Beato allegiances Marvin Bell The Book of the Dead Man (His Whistling), Near the Public Benches on an Ordinary Iowa Evening, and The Romans Emily Bobo The Piano Family Tree and Sublime Comedy Nancy Botkin Roll Away the Stone and Honey Pot Richard Fox Zeppelins and After the Universe  get link Albert Goldbarth There Are Poems About Paintings, But the Paintings Are Lost and Mediation Song  pfizer viagra canada pharmacy Mike Good Water, Steel, and Glass in Margaritaville and Running  here Benjamin S. Grossberg Goodbye to a Time of Troubles follow link Shen Haobo (translated by Liang Yujing) Going Into a City Deep at Night and Gale  canadian levitra Garret Keizer Two Trees  viagra free trial pack Tim Krcmarik Dunkleosteus  follow Wheeler Light Volta Kathryn How’d Machan Give Me Story  get cialis online Katie Manning The Book of Help and The Book of Relation Ali McClain If you Would’ve Met My Mother Kathryn Merwin Elegy for Lithium and Elegy for Mania  Alan Montes La Primera Vez and Nopales Lisa Allen Ortiz August 12 and Bluehawk Matthew Raymond Dreams, Stories, and Everyday Objects and My Wife is a Planet Brady Rhoades AA Whale Watching Trip Michael Schermerhorn Something About a Flood, I Met Molly in the Center of the Forest, and Portraiture of Human Anatomy Caleb Scott Preparations Sally Van Doren Prophesy, Terminal, Ghost Writing, and Funk Emily Van Kley Tonight, Unkempt and Grief, A Grammar Victoria Isabella Walls The Loudest Dead End John Sibley Williams Reparations and Toy Boat Callie Zucker July July


Therese EibePass the Baby Jason Hess Acceptance Lynda Montgomery  Left Open  Judith Peck The Woman on the Landing Marge Piercy The Service C.R. Resetarits Room With a View Lilly Schneider If You Can’t Find It Here Then It Doesn’t Exist Donna Pols Trump Portage


Amy Collini Baby Mine Laura Haugen At the Edge of Open Desirae Matherly Everything I Know About Water Nat Wisehart Vestiges


Addoley Dzegede Ballast Karen Fitzgerald Undisclosed Marjorie Salvaterra Photography


Bob Lowes interviews Jesse Lee Kercheval

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