current issue // 31.1

Cover Art by Lesley Dill –
Red-Orange Bird Puppet with Black Hair – 2013 fabric & thread, 15″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″


Kendra Allen Evening Service, We Had Died Real Quick, & The Water Cycle Lisa Allen In the Down of the House of the Man on the Stoop & In Prison, She Jamaica Baldwin Haibun for My Brother & What Remains Partridge Boswell The Chosen Ronda Pizza Broatch In That Year (I) & Little Dark Place of Forgetting Joseph Buckley The Other God Satya Dash I Still Want Gifts Even If Birthdays Are Pointless & This is How Fruit Thaws Teresa Dzieglewicz An Invitation to an Eclipse Party Gibson Fay-LeBlanc Going to Church Rebecca Foust Are Poetica With Clickbait Jana-Lee Germaine Overdose & Compline Valentina Gnup Pink Peonies Gina Keplinger On Midwest Marriage John Leonard Scarecrow & Near Walker Lake, End of Summer, Almost Dark Tate Lewis The Final Day & Shell Collecting Joshua Martin A Massacre of Chickens & Isaac Abby E. Murray My Daughter Makes Pan Dulces Phong Nguyen Twenty-Seven Genres Leon Pan Reincarnation of Karl Mark in a Chinese Bathhouse Beyond the Third Ring & To His Chronic Spells of Terror Eric Pankey Cross Reference, Study For A Ghost, & Spontaneous Combustion Purnama Origin of a Disaster Molly Bess Rector House Bill #118 Kimani Rose River Laura Sobbott Ross Lake County, Sugarloaf Mountain, & This Side of Disney World Carolyn Foster Segal The Mirrored Room Joel Showalter Lake Gage, February, In the Nursing Home, & Snowfall Warren Slesinger Vapor, Wall, & Landslide Ellora Sutton Decadence Raisa Tolchinsky Rupture John Walser The Accident Tim Whitsel From the Monte Igueldo Terrace Above San Sebastian


Stacy Austin Egan If Janie Shouted Back Lucy Ferriss Lucky Woman Tyler McAndrew You Have to Talk to Mary Anne Casey McConahay Dance, Then, Wherever You May Be Susan Mersereau A Few Things Right Griffin Victoria Reed The Talking Cure


Marvin Bell & Christopher Merrill If & When Stephen Policoff At My Window, With A Broken Wing Joyce Tomlinson Choice


Lisa Corinne Davis Graphographies Carrie Gundersdorf Collages

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