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Erin Bealmear Chatting with the Family Portraits in the Hallway and Indiana, Summer Erica Bodwell Snow//Smoke Dina Elenbogen Extreme Weather Rebecca Foust Carpe Diem with Chage of Heart and Nothing But Crickets David Keplinger The World to Come Jessalyn Maguire /´entrəpə/ or When I Broke My Food Skateboarding in Venice  Elisabeth Murawski Peak Experience and Cast Naomi Myrvaagnes Adam’s Apple Ricardo Pau-Llosa Leda to Mary and Mary to Leda

Reyes Ramirez Finding A Kitten Behind an Air Conditioner After A Tropical Storm is My America Ellen Romano Fruit Alinda Dickinson Wasner Five Little Etudes Jane O. Wayne Next Tim Whitsel Hanging Theodora Ziolkowski Eurydice, the seamstress who laced me and Immediately after we wed, I saw a black ribbon 


Dinah Cox The Moon Landing Bill Gaythwaite Off the Grid Barb Johnson What Can’t Be Fixed or Forgotten Sarah Starr Murphy Sister of the Bells K.W. Oxnard Cabin Anamyn Turowski Mammillaria


Gayle Colehour If Your Sister… Edvige Giunta Lievito Madre, In You We Trust Brady Huggett The Portal Jay Prosser Shema Sherry Shahan Twelve Notes on Hotel Rooms, Artists, and Restless Hearts Kimm Brockett Stammen Tuesdays in Gig Harbor


Howard Skrill Splashed/Toppled/Removed/Shattered Jean Wolff Mood Indigo — Ink on Paper

cover art

Inna Babaeva

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