volume 31.2

Posted on Tue, Dec 15, 2020

Vol. 31.2



Anthony Aguero Litany of Making Love When It’ll Kill You Joshua Boettiger Ms. Kelly & The Trouble With Omens Michelle Brooks At the Crossroads of the Dying World & Capture the Moment Cory Brown Friday the 13th Lance Carpenter Self-Portrait with Moths and Supreme Discomfort Andy Chen For After Brian Clifton Visitation & Between Wait and Want Carla Sofia Ferreira Fado: Sunday in Murtosa & Tryst/e Eileen G’Sell Cookie Novak Kim Garcia As If We Lived & Mirror: Albert Goldbarth A Tough Day Begins With A Stupid Joke, Reshelving, Essay: Why We’re Terrified, & Tough Day: Closure Mike Good Dental Anthropology Benjamin S. Grossberg In the Days Before Sumter & Elephant Painting an Elephant Gabriela Halas Her Voice & Purse of Night Emma Harrington Abecedarian at Summer Camp & Summer of Purple Coneflower Greg Jensen Midnight & Hunger Strike A.K. Padovich Drawing Down the Moon, Scrying Ritual, & Harbinger Kathryn Petruccelli Glare, O: An Ode, & Marigolds Purnama Island of Souls & To Kill a Chicken Doug Ramspeck Drowned Boy & Blind the Years F. Daniel Rzicznek Slag & Inventory Shane Seely May & Bear Song Pamela Sumners On Emily Post Probation in St. Louis Lynne Thompson Separate/Separate & To Never Make Anything In Your Life Will Deplete You Tom Wayman The Work of Angels John Sibley Williams Conquistador, Seed, & Transcontinental


Andrew Bertaina Maybe This Time Paul Curley Dogs Don’t Know About Fallujah Malka Daskal Symbology Noah Davis For Fear of Thin Andrew De Silva Kiss the Sting Shira Elmalich The Pilot Life Kelly Grogan Moon Susan Heeger Besame Mucho Allie Mariano Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Mary Vensel Whtie Smoke


Faith Adiele On Traveling While Black Adam Fout Cellophane Planes Lisa Knopp Death Watch Craig Reinbold Let Loose Mollie Weisenfeld Equipose


Brian Dettmer Horticulture Ebony G. Patterson …when the cuts erupt…the garden rings…and the warning is a wailing…


Bob Lowes An Interview with Marvin Bell and Three Poems

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