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from the archive: lish on lish

Recently The Paris Review published an interview with Gordon Lish, a contributor and editor for december during its early days.  Here is a link to that article.  In Vol. 10 (1968) of december Gordon Lish interviewed none other than himself, and the result was rather sardonic and humorous.  This was one of the many times Lish appeared among the pages of december. We are looking forward to posting a full december archive soon.

Lish Interview 004

Announcing our Pushcart nominations for 2016


december is proud to announce its nominations for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. These works appeared in december Vol. 26.1 and 26.2 in 2015.

Daniel DonaghyMaking Shepherd’s Pie on St. Patty’s Day While
My Neighbors Have Make-up Sex (Poetry Vol. 26.1)

Albert GoldbarthUntitled (The grasses bend) – (Poetry Vol. 26.1)

Bernie HafeliThe Shortest Day of the Year (Fiction Vol. 26.1)

Juned SubhanThe Bride’s Tale I (Poetry Vol. 26.1)

Michael BourneStories Are Like Water (Fiction Vol. 26.2)

Sam Roxas-ChuaPapel (Poetry Vol. 26.2)

december presents…poetry and prose in portland

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poetry and jazz


announcing marge piercy as 2016 judge for our jeff marks memorial poetry prize

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We are pleased to have Marge Piercy judging our 2016 poetry awards.  Marge Piercy is the author of 17 novels, including the bestsellers Gone To Soldiers, Braided Lives, and The Longings of Women; 19 volumes of poetry, including The Hunger Moon: New & Selected Poems 1980-2010 and most recently Made in Detroit, and a critically acclaimed memoir.

Our submission period opens October 1, 2015.  For more information click here to check out our guidelines.

2015 curt johnson prose awards winners


december in may – st. louis launch

decinmayDid you miss our launch event for issue 26.1?  If so, you can watch now and see Marvin Bell, Steven Schreiner, and Sally Van Doren share their poems from our recent issues.  December Vol. 26.1 Event – Reading.  Like what you hear? Subscribe or order a back issue of december here.

Select “Playlist” in the top left corner of the video below to select the video you want to watch.  Watch one or all.


2015 jeff marks memorial poetry prize winners

december is proud to present audio recordings of our winner Chelsea Jennings reading her poem “Heirloom”
Processed with Moldiv


As close to the past as maps can get to rivers
A boat full of stones     A handful of water


This is the dressmaker’s frame
where we hang our fear of the dark

Again and again we thread it
though the eye of sleep is small

It could have been a locket with a lock of hair inside
It could have been a mirror     A set of silver     A coin

There was a pewter cup and a patron saint
for each of the children who lived

They kept their records in the Bible
They shared a single bridal dress


This is the watchmaker’s shop
where the balance wheel can be fixed


We wear their scrimshaw earrings
and are called by their given names

We dream that we’re drowning   We dream that
we wake     And we eat our meals from their plates

and Sam Roxas-Chua, our honorable mention, reading his poem “A Beast in the Chapel.”
Processed with Moldiv


Several times I asked my father
to pull on my ears
until my feet were lifted off the ground.

Several times I asked him
to look into my eyes
and blow out the red lanterns—

those soft pendulums
that keep me up at night,
twin stars of vermillion arias.

Several times I placed my hand
inside his mouth and fished for summer,
moon, winter, and tow.

Several times I hid my name
behind my ears
when he called me Bakla!

Several times my hands shimmied
under the breakfast table
where my mother sat me down

and said he wasn’t coming home—
it was Christmas, I wore a red tie.
And on that same day,

a man was found in the river,
his face eaten by fish. Several
times I asked Who was he?

Who was he? Several times
I sucked on plums to think of him.
Several times I dreamt I had gills.


Pushcart Nominations

2015CoverHomedecember is proud to announce its nominations for the 2015 Pushcart Prize. These works appeared in december Vol. 25.1 and 25.2 in 2014.

NQR, nonfiction by Garet Lahvis (25.1)

Paper Lantern, fiction by Anna Boorstin (25.2)

Natal Assignments of the Zodiac, a poem by Michael Harper

Sutures, a poem by Karen Holman (25.2)

For the Want of a Shoe, a poem by Colleen McElroy (25.2)

The karma of heredity,  a poem by Marge Piercy

In addition, the following works were independently nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Pushcart Press Contributing Editors.  All nominations are from Vol. 25.2.

Want, a poem by Emily Bobo

Since So Many People Don’t Seem to Know what No Soliciting Means…, a poem by David Clewell

A Portable Wife, a poem by Abby Murray

Natal Assignments of the Zodiac, a poem by Michael Harper

Ghost Town Scavengers, a poem by David Salner

december featured in St. Louis Magazine

StLouisMAGWe love sharing stories … We’re humbled to be featured in St. Louis Magazine–they did a beautiful job of sharing ours! Thanks for the great article, A december to Remember.